Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pimp my Surf Van

A customer overseas ordered some Hawaiian fabric from us for his interior overhaul of his weekend cruiser. This surf van was built for long trips, and "glamping" in style. I know when I am on a surf trip at a remote point break far from civilization, there is nothing like having your own piece of paradise waiting for you to dry off in, cook some breakfast, and start re-counting tall surf tales over a warm fire to those around you.

Our DM396 - Aqua Hibiscus fabric helped to transform this otherwise ordinary surf bus into a true Hawaiian paradise, complete with coordinating paint trim, and storage drawers. The hardwood floors make this not just a gas guzzling touring car, but an entire living room placed right in the back of this wave wagon. I can't quite see what the person sitting in the couch can see, but I would imagine it is a full entertainment system, complete with a satellite enabled flat screen television, and blu-ray player to watch "Big Wednesday" over and over again. At least that is what I would be doing.
Aqua Hibiscus Fabric Used to Pimp Your Van
Let us know what you think of this surf bus make-over, and if you have any pictures to send us of something you have re-habbed let us know!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Custom Hawaiian Fabric Surfboard Inlay

Surfboards bought right off the rack at your local surf shop pretty much all look the same. They are all white with a wood stringer down the center, and of course the shapers stamp on the front or back of the board. There aren't a lot of options to choose from in regards to color, design, and having any of your personality displayed on your surfboard. Shop boards are basically a blank canvas to paint and create on. Of course you have a great selection of stomp pads, and leashes in many different colors, and styles to reflect your identity, but with so many riders in the water we like to stand out a bit, and spread a little aloha with our surfboards.

Customizing your surfboard is a great way to add a little touch of individualism and style to your quiver. There are many ways to add your own personal flavor to your surfboard, you can draw your own artwork like the ....Lost crew does with paint pens, add heaps of surf branded stickers to the nose like a professional surfer, paint the whole board any color other than white, or do what we like to do, and that is to glass in some Hawaiian fabric to the surfboard. Here is a great simple example of a surfboard with a Hawaiian fabric inlay on the nose of a long board one of our customers sent to us.
Nose of Surfboard with Navy Hibiscus Fabric Inlay
As you can see just adding a little touch of aloha gives this long board a much more stylish look, and when you are done riding it, it will look great hanging up your wall. This custom built nose rider with the Hawaiian fabric inlay has an old school foam density, Volan glass, 1/4 cedar on each side with a 1/4 balsa center stringer for added strength (see close up below.) 
Close up of Navy Hibiscus Fabric Surfboard Inlay

Look at the detail put into that stringer, you know this guy loves to shape boards! This surfboard was shaped by Steve Divita over at Head High Surfboards and he does some pretty incredible artwork on his surfboards, be sure to check out his online gallery of his boards. 
Navy Hibiscus Hawaiian Print Fabric by Dean Miller Surf Bedding
Dean Miller carries a good selection of Hawaiian print fabric that can be used to get your custom surfboard made, just visit our online superstore at


Friday, October 4, 2013

Surf Decor Design Ideas

Just because you want to decorate your home with a surf motif, it doesn't always mean hanging surfing posters torn out from the latest issue of Stab Magazine all over your bedroom wall. Although we do love this particular look, we wanted to show off a few different pieces of surf art that we saw around town, and liked.

Heavy Metal - I love this piece because of it's size, and originality. While it is blatantly a surfboard, it is beautiful and classy enough to look great in your home, or a fancy hotel. Even if you aren't a dedicated surfer, and just a beach lover, this hand crafted one of a kind surfboard piece will be a stylish addition to any corner of your home. This particular piece is entitled "Paddle Hard" and is entirely made out of metal screws, with a piece of re-bar as the center stringer. I couldn't read the artist who designed this piece, but would love to know who created this sculpture if one of our readers happens to know please let us know!

"Paddle Hard" Surfboard Sculpture
Made of Steel Rebar and Long Screws

Hang 'Em High - Surfboards in my opinion are works of art. The hand shaped lines, and curves of a surfboard are truly a work of passion. They are such beautiful functioning ways to ride waves, and surfboards deserve to be showcased as such. Here are a couple of examples of how surfboards can be showcased in your home, and not look like Jeff Spicoli lives there.
Pro Model Surfboards Used as Surf Decor

Artwork Painted on Surfboard

If you are going to attach a used surfboard to your wall, make sure you give it a good cleaning, and get rid of all of the old wax, use some Windex, and I would get some new surf stickers to cover up any visible dings which will add a pro model feel to your surf decor. Wall hanging surf racks can be found pretty easily online, and for not that much money.

You can always check out more Surf Themed Decor at our online Hawaiian bedding superstore!