Monday, February 6, 2012

Beach Ball Pillow - Coastal Decor

We love to find fun ways on how to bring the beach home. It's our personal pursuit of the endless summer, only without all the traveling and endless jet lag. Now we have made the iconic symbol of the beach ball into a decorative and useful throw pillow. A simple blown up ball has become a timeless toy that parents and children alike have had fun with for generations.

Surf room designer Dean Miller has designed this throw pillow to resemble a real beach ball, in the same bright cheerful colors you remember growing up. Dean Miller's beach ball pillow is made with 100% cotton fabric, and is easy to spot clean. The pillow is completely closed up, and has a puffy poly fill insert. This fun beach themed pillow will go with any bedding, or just throw it on the living room couch, as a decorative piece, and let the family have a ball with it!

Beach ball pillows are priced at $34.99 and available at our online store:

Beach Decor Ideas - Write your Name in the Sand

Write your Name in the Sand!
This is a fun and easy decorating project that will give your beach house a warm personal touch. Go out to your local beach, or the beach you are vacationing at, and simply write your name in the sand with a stick! This makes a great memento of any trip to the tropics.
Orginial photo from beach in Hawaii

Designer Tip - We took some pictures without the water creeping in, but we thought the waves added a great touch. Maybe even wait until a crab crawls by, and get him in the picture!

Our Hawaii picture printed on canvas, framed, and hung on the wall!

I suggest using a long stick so you don't get any foot prints on your sand canvas like we did here.

Designer Tip - Feel free to write anything you like, don't just stop at your name, draw a picture, have fun, be creative!

Instructions - Stand a few feet back, and take a few pictures from different angles to make sure you cover all your bases. Hey it's all digital now, so there is no extra cost to snap off lots of photos, one of them will be good. We printed ours on canvas, and there are lots of companies that do this now. Costco or Cafe can print on canvas for you, but there are lots of companies that do this type of printing now, so feel free to shop around and get a good price on your digital printing. They can do almost any size, and frame it too if you want. Fun beach decor project anyone can do!