Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quick & Easy Decorating Tip for Tropical Style

Throw Pillows & Blankets!  
This is about as easy as it gets, and you can change the feel of your room in no time.  You don't need to buy new furniture or expensive artwork, just add some new throw pillows and drape a Hawaiian style blanket over a chair and Voila... tropical room! 

Featured in the top picture is Dean Miller's Navy Hibiscus Hawaiian Blanket and Pillow.  Pictured to the right is the Idle Island print throw pillow.  The throw pillows are 16" x 16" and are made with high quality tropical, surf, and Hawaiian print fabrics.  The Hawaiian blankets are also top quality with super soft polar fleece backing and come in the perfect size for wrapping up.  These are practical and look great, it doesn't get any better than that!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Custom Beach Sign with Your Favorite Beach or Surf Break

These original wooden surf signs will add some personality to any coastal home decor. Whether you want a Hawaiian style retreat or a surf shack by the sand, Dean Miller has a sign that will fit the bill. Each sign is printed in full color on quality solid wood planks, and is available in three sizes. Submit your own text and Dean Miller will make an original beach sign that's just what you're looking for!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bring these Traditional Hawaiian Flowers Home

Many people love to decorate their homes with tropical Hawaiian flower print fabrics and art, but why? And what do these Hawaiian flowers traditionally mean?

Plumeria:  Hawaiian Leis are most frequently made from the beautiful and fragrant blossoms of plumeria.  Plumeria traditionally symbolize perfection and new beginnings.  They are also sometimes called frangipani and bloom either in bright pink or a cream color with a distinct and sweet smell.

Hibiscus:  The hibiscus is a showy and brightly colored flower that signifies delicate beauty.  It's also the state flower of Hawaii.  It is widely poplular in Hawaii and beyond and can be worn to show whether the wearer is single or already in a romantic relationship.  If a lady is wearing a hibiscus bloom behind her left ear, that means she is attached and is not looking to attract a man... so guys be advised.  If a lady is wearing the bloom behind her right ear she's signifying that she is single and may be open to romantic pursuit.

Bird of Paradise:  The Bird of Paradise is indigenous to Hawaii and is well known for it's unusual striking shape and it's bold orange color.  Native Hawaiians call the Li'ipoe meaning "little globe".  These are popular in flower arrangements, art, and fabric prints as they help to create an exotic tropical atmosphere in home decor.

Dean Miller Hot Tropic Print

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

3 Easy Steps Decorate a Room

Dean Miller Kona Kottage Tropical Bedding
Choose the Focal Point of the Room.  For your living or family room, that could be a sofa, an eye-catching piece of art, or perhaps a beautiful view through the window.  In the bedroom, the most obvious focal point is the bed itself.  You can dramatically change the look and feel of your room just by changing your bedding.  Go from drab to tropical in the time it takes to make your bed!

Make Your Room Comfortable.  When you redecorate, remember to think practically about how you'll use the room.  No need to sacrifice comfort to get the look you want.  When placing furniture, consider walkways and the usability of the space.  Look for comfortable and easy to clean fabrics on upholstered furniture, and especially when choosing your sheets and comforters.  Dean Miller bedding is always your best bet for bed linens.  Get tropical, Hawaiian, or surfer styles that are made with top quality fabrics and are machine washable.  The photo is of the Kona Kottage Comforter.  Check out more Dean Miller Bedding styles here.

Put Your Personality into Your Home Decor. Now to make your house feel like a home. There are all kinds of ways to creatively add your own personal style to your home decor. If you're a surfer you could add a surfboard rug, a unique surf sign, or even hang up one of your boards as art. If you have a green thumb you may want to create a lush tropical look with live plants. Your own personal seashell collection or some vintage items can be a fun way to personalize your decor too. By looking for unique tropical home accessories and using your own creativity you can create a beautiful tropical style home that's all yours!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleep in Tropical Bliss with this Hot Tropic Comforter

No one can compare with Dean Miller when it comes to tropical, Hawaiian, and surf themed bedding sets.  This Hot Tropical Bedding Set is a rich melon color with an opulent bird of paradise print reminiscent of an island paradise.   This is part of Dean Miller upscale Plantation line of bedroom decor.  

Make your bed with this set and feel like you're on a tropical plantation every night!  This comforter is made from high quality, 100% cotton, Bark Kahala fabric that will look and feel great.  It's backed with a designer solid black fabric.  All Dean Miller comforters are machine washable.  The Hot Tropic Comforter will give your bedroom classy tropical style.  

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1 Super Easy Tropical Home Décor Tip

Do you want to add just the right finishing touch to your bedroom that will match your tropical bedding?  One super easy idea is to decorate with one or two palm fronds or broad leafs in a simple glass vase.  Whichever Dean Miller bedding print you have – a rich tropical design, a Hawaiian theme, or a surfer bedroom – this decorating tip will coordinate with your bedroom style perfectly.  Just snip off a single leaf or frond, or maybe two, and display it in a vase with water.  It should last much longer than cut flowers would too.  Maybe you’re just getting some ideas and you’re looking to remake your bedroom altogether.  Then you may want to check out Dean Miller’s selection of beach sheets, tropical comforters, and Hawaiian bedding sets for inspiration.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beach Style Comforters Create a Coastal Atmosphere

Are you looking for the perfect beach themed bedding set?  Whether you’re decorating your beach vacation home, your guest room, or your master bedroom Dean Miller has the beach and tropical styles you want.  Check out these two popular coastal-inspired bedding sets.

Idle Island gives a relaxed island style feel to any bedroom.  You’ll love the neutral thatch background with ukuleles, woody cars, islands, and canoes.   Don’t you feel like you’re in the islands already?

The sunset Beach comforter set can help you create that beach vacation home feeling you’re looking for.  Of course you want your bedroom to feel like a coastal retreat!  The sunset Beach fabric is printed in a classic Hawaiian patchwork quilt pattern with a soothing combination of colors.

Both the Idle Island and the Sunset Beach comforter sets include the comforter and the matching pillow shams.  No need for a duvet cover with either of these.  They are high quality, durable comforters that keep your room looking great!  See more Dean Miller beach bedding at

Friday, March 9, 2012

Get that Hotel bedding look! The Five minute Make-over.

Don't you love checking into a fancy hotel and relaxing in their elegant rooms. The clean, white sheets, the puffy duvet cover with a nice fluffy goose feather comforter inside. You can pretty much forgot about going to the pool or that business convention downstairs, I'll take a nice long cozy nap!

Designer Dean Miller wanted to bring that hotel look to your home, and of course we had to do it Hawaiian style. That classic hotel feel can be accomplished by adding a bed runner on top of your existing bedding. Just a simple touch of Aloha as we would say in the Islands. To get the best look I would only use a pattern printed bed runner (like we make) on top of solid color linens. White is the easiest to work with, and gives a super clean, crisp look. But any other contrasting colors will work as well, maybe a navy blue duvet with a printed yellow bed runner.

Our tropical themed bed runners are also an inexpensive way to give your room the old Five Minute Make-over for not a lot of money. You can completely change the look and theme of any bedroom in your home by adding in a couple of coordinating throw pillows, and matching Hawaiian bed runner. I strongly recommend getting the decorative pillows, this is what brings the whole look together in my opinion.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Beach Ball Pillow - Coastal Decor

We love to find fun ways on how to bring the beach home. It's our personal pursuit of the endless summer, only without all the traveling and endless jet lag. Now we have made the iconic symbol of the beach ball into a decorative and useful throw pillow. A simple blown up ball has become a timeless toy that parents and children alike have had fun with for generations.

Surf room designer Dean Miller has designed this throw pillow to resemble a real beach ball, in the same bright cheerful colors you remember growing up. Dean Miller's beach ball pillow is made with 100% cotton fabric, and is easy to spot clean. The pillow is completely closed up, and has a puffy poly fill insert. This fun beach themed pillow will go with any bedding, or just throw it on the living room couch, as a decorative piece, and let the family have a ball with it!

Beach ball pillows are priced at $34.99 and available at our online store:

Beach Decor Ideas - Write your Name in the Sand

Write your Name in the Sand!
This is a fun and easy decorating project that will give your beach house a warm personal touch. Go out to your local beach, or the beach you are vacationing at, and simply write your name in the sand with a stick! This makes a great memento of any trip to the tropics.
Orginial photo from beach in Hawaii

Designer Tip - We took some pictures without the water creeping in, but we thought the waves added a great touch. Maybe even wait until a crab crawls by, and get him in the picture!

Our Hawaii picture printed on canvas, framed, and hung on the wall!

I suggest using a long stick so you don't get any foot prints on your sand canvas like we did here.

Designer Tip - Feel free to write anything you like, don't just stop at your name, draw a picture, have fun, be creative!

Instructions - Stand a few feet back, and take a few pictures from different angles to make sure you cover all your bases. Hey it's all digital now, so there is no extra cost to snap off lots of photos, one of them will be good. We printed ours on canvas, and there are lots of companies that do this now. Costco or Cafe can print on canvas for you, but there are lots of companies that do this type of printing now, so feel free to shop around and get a good price on your digital printing. They can do almost any size, and frame it too if you want. Fun beach decor project anyone can do!