Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Surf Decor on Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition

Dean Miller Surf Bedding
ABC's Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition
Probably one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. Dean Miller Surf Bedding got a call from the TV show "Extreme Makeover" to donate some items for the Ripatti family who were selected by ABC to get a complete extreme house make over. Ty Pennington's design team was interested in our Hawaiian baby bedding for the Ripatti's little girl Jordan. We sewed up an entire surfboard themed crib set for their daughter Jordan, and made a custom tin sign just for her that said "J" is for Jordan with a stick figure hula girl dancing.
Dean Miller provided the Crib Bedding, and other Surf Decor

I went up to the Ripatti's house in Redondo Beach, California to drop off the custom bedding, and was amazed at what I was saw. This crew literally built an entire new house inside and out in basically a week. The place was packed with people in those blue ABC Extreme Make Over t-shirts. 
You would walk in, and there were people everywhere working. In the same small area you would see one guy with a giant saw cutting up the floor, while above him is some other volunteer priming the walls. It was amazing that nobody got hurt. I got a tour of the house from one of the production folks, and then we went into the garage to put our donations. This garage was Filled with cool stuff! Quiksilver had donated surfboards, and wetsuits, there were tiki statues, kayaks, new bikes, anything you needed for the beach was here. 
 It was great to see all the surf community come together in such a generous fashion, and donate so much stuff to try to make their life a little easier.

Here is the story of Tim and Kristina Rippatti, please watch the video below if you get a chance. I know it's a little long, but it will suck you in!

Watch the Video Here:

The "un-veiling" of Baby Jordan's room starts at the 1:11:30 mark, and you can see the Dean Miller custom crib bedding in our "Summer Slumber" design.