Friday, March 9, 2012

Get that Hotel bedding look! The Five minute Make-over.

Don't you love checking into a fancy hotel and relaxing in their elegant rooms. The clean, white sheets, the puffy duvet cover with a nice fluffy goose feather comforter inside. You can pretty much forgot about going to the pool or that business convention downstairs, I'll take a nice long cozy nap!

Designer Dean Miller wanted to bring that hotel look to your home, and of course we had to do it Hawaiian style. That classic hotel feel can be accomplished by adding a bed runner on top of your existing bedding. Just a simple touch of Aloha as we would say in the Islands. To get the best look I would only use a pattern printed bed runner (like we make) on top of solid color linens. White is the easiest to work with, and gives a super clean, crisp look. But any other contrasting colors will work as well, maybe a navy blue duvet with a printed yellow bed runner.

Our tropical themed bed runners are also an inexpensive way to give your room the old Five Minute Make-over for not a lot of money. You can completely change the look and theme of any bedroom in your home by adding in a couple of coordinating throw pillows, and matching Hawaiian bed runner. I strongly recommend getting the decorative pillows, this is what brings the whole look together in my opinion.

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