Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beach Bedding Surfboard Comforter by Designer Dean Miller

Reversible Surf Style for Your Bedroom

Only three things matter to surfers, Surf, Eat, and Sleep. This tried and trued mantra has kept surfers coming back to the beach day after day to reveal in tropical water, and chase waves around the world. Beach bedding designer Dean Miller understands this connection to the ocean, and the magnetic pull it has on surfers.

Beach Bedding by Designer Dean Miller

Dean Miller designed the perfect surf bedroom to bring the beach indoors. This surfboard themed reversible comforter is a testament to surfers worldwide who think about nothing else besides surfing, and when the next set of waves are coming. This reversible surf bedding set has a hand drawn tonal background filled with beach, and tropical motifs. The tonal accents have breaking waves, surfers riding these waves, Hawaiian icons such as antique tiki figures, palms trees, and ancient Polynesian hieroglyphics. On top of this one of a kind tonal background are multi colored surfboards of varying shapes and sizes, from long boards, to big wave guns, and graphic intense hot dogging short boards.

Beach Bedroom

This comforter set has a reversible front and back, that allows you to dramatically alter the look of your bedroom, from a deep sea blue, to a piping hot lava red colorway. Once you throw in a couple of coordinating decorative pillows from the accent beach collection Dean Miller has created, you will go to sleep after a long day of surfing, and believe you have woken up on the North Shore of Hawaii. This beach bedding is sure to please any beach lover, or surfer you know.


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