Friday, November 27, 2015

Beach Decor Ideas - Sand and Sea Shells in your Stairs

Stairway to Heaven

I went and toured some new model homes that were built overlooking the ocean with amazing views in San Clemente, California, and wanted to see what you thought about this design idea for some beach decor lifestyle living.
Custom Stairs with Rock Inlay
The main stairway leading up the second floor, and all the bedrooms, had been built with a nice rich hardwood floor topping for the treads, then has a cement themed veneer put over the risers. One side of the staircase was encased by the wall, so the hand rails or spindles were simply painted a cream color to match the walls in this particular project.
What if we added Sea Shells?

The uniqueness of this model home's staircase got me to thinking about what if we added some sea shells, and other beach themed items to the risers? Would you like to be reminded of your fabulous beach lifestyle while you climb your stairs to bed every night?
Sea Shell Stair Well
 I thought it would be fun to add some common sea shells you might find on the beach, like sand dollars, and star fish along side the rock formation they had. Use more of sand color cement, and you will have your own beach themed stair case. Let us know what you think, or if you see any stair cases like this!

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  1. I am interested in doing this for my basement floors. It looks awesome. I will put maple flooring down so I hope it looks just as good as this!